Cajun Mimosa

Mimosa is the "proper" name for the drink usually known in the UK as Buck's Fizz. This Cajun version has a real kick to it, and we normally make some for Christmas.


2 litres
fresh orange juice
green chillis
dry Cava, Champagne or other sparkling wine


Three or four days in advance, buy a large plastic bottle of fresh Orange Juice and 4 green chillis.

Wash the chillis and slice them lengthways almost in two, leaving the two halves joined together at the stem end. Leave the seeds in.

Open the orange juice bottle and push the chillis inside. Place in the fridge.

Every time you go past the fridge take the bottle out and give it a shake.

On Christmas Day, give each guest a glass of Cajun Mimosa as they arrive: pour half-a-glass of the Orange Juice, leaving the chillis in the bottle, and then top up the glass with Cava.

When the Orange Juice has been used up, don't throw the chillis away but use them in a curry of Turkey leftovers.